South Sudan Reopens Al Toor Oil Field, Adds Extra 5,000 Barrels To Daily Production


South Sudan has resumed oil production from its Al Toor field in Unity state adding 5,000 b/d to its total production as the country tries to return to pre-war output, ministry of petroleum Director General Daniel Chuang said according to S&P Global Platts.

Political upheaval in Sudan is, however, affecting the full recovery of oil production, and daily output stands at 180,000 b/d, he said.

“We have re-opened Al Toor oilfield with around 5,000 b/d output but it will pick up gradually to around 20,000 b/d soon,” he said.

The government has previously said it plans to increase total output to 210,000 b/d by the end of the year, with production from Unity in the north of the country set to increase to 70,000 b/d by June.

Malaysia’s Petronas, India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation all have stakes in South Sudanese fields.

The country has three fields that have already resumed production in the region, and the remaining fields — Al Nar and Alhar — will be coming on stream soon, Chuang said.

Oil exports make up most of South Sudan’s foreign revenue but the civil war that broke out at the end of 2013 cut oil production to around 130,000 b/d from 350,000 b/d, sparking an economic crisis in the country.

Chuang said technical teams from South Sudan and oil companies were working on a new power plant to reconnect the rest of the oil fields, and production will pick up to around 70,000 b/d when power is reconnected and increased in the re-opened oil fields.

South Sudan was also planning to use enhanced oil recovery technology to further increase oil recovery rates, he said. Turmoil in Sudan was delaying delivery of some of the equipment for rig fixing, delaying the process, he said.

Workers at Port Sudan are sometimes involved in ongoing demonstrations, Chuang said, causing delays at the port in clearing equipment needed in the fields.

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